The Pinnacle Court said that coercing religious change ‘heinous’ issue

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By noting down the coercing religious change a “heinous” issue, the top court noted the union government to look at the matter and informed them to push full pledged commitment to stop the practice.

The top court was looking at the case filed by lawyer Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay requesting direction to the union and state governments to take strong actions to control coercive religious conversion by “intimidation, threatening, deceivingly luring through gifts and monetary benefits”.

The top court, alerted by terming “strong critical situation” will begin if coercing religious changes aren’t stopped in the Indian society.

Two judge bench composed of Justices M R Shah and Hima Kohli questioned SG Tushar Mehta to list up the steps to stop the practice immediately.

The Bench strongly said “It is a very serious issue which affects the security of the nation and freedom of religion and conscience. Therefore, it is better that the Union of India may make their stand clear and file counter on what further steps can be taken to curb such forced conversion”.

“This is a crucial issue” Committed measures are to be brought by the Union government to prevent coercive conversions. Orelse a difficult situations will come. Inform the court what steps you come with.You need to look at.