Top court judge B R Gavai said that he’s not for BCI’s idea of getting foreign faculty at Law University

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Supreme Court Judge B R Gavai said that the newly-inaugurated India International University of Legal Education and Research founded in Goa doesn’t require foreign faculty to compete with law of nations schools.

Gavai said that he disagrees with the concept of the Bar Council of India to own some foreign faculty and an overseas vice-chancellor, and asked the bar council to possess a relook at it. 

“I have some disagreement with the fetish for foreign faculties. Is there a lack of talent in India?” he asked during the inaugural programme at Sancoale on Thursday.

“We have had Dr B Ambedkar, Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Nehru, Motilal Nehru, Vallabhai Patel who are all from the law faculty. They gave up their lucrative practices and contributed to the state,” he said.

“Sir Hari Singh Gaur from Nagpur was such an eminent lawyer that the clients from African country and Britain were engaging him before the council,” Gavai added. 

Although India is celebrating 75 years after independence and completed 72 years since the establishment of the Constitution in 1950, lawyers still cite judgements from council, All England report and US reports.

“The law has substantially developed within the country over the last 72 years, and that i think there are a sufficient number of Indian judgements which is able to hold the appeal and there’s no necessity to talk over with the foreign judgments,” Gavai said.

The university he said mustn't only produce the simplest of lawyers and judges, but eminent persons who are social engineers, taking forward the constitutional goals of social, economical and political justice. 

Although Goa are going to be among the last states within the country to own a law university, it'll be the primary to possess one which will compete with universities worldwide, he said.

SC Judge Surya Kant highlighted the necessity to impart practical training to students at the university. “In India law professors aren't allowed to practice and that they limit their exposure only to the domain of theory. during this situation, unless professors are practitioners before becoming academia, it's difficult to bring practice and theory together within the classroom,” he said. 

Chairman of the Bar council of India and Bar Council of India trust - Pearl First and senior advocate of the Supreme Court of India, Manan Kumar Mishra, thanked the CM for allotting 50 acres of land at Dharbandora for the university. it'll currently function from Kala Bhavan at Sancoale. the doorway exam for the courses are held within the last week of July and also the admission process will start from Assumption. Twenty per cent of the seats are going to be reserved for Goans. 

Mishra said the university will have a world class vice-chancellor, five foreign faculty where interviews are going to be held in Singapore, London with the ultimate decision taken in Delhi. 

Justice M M Sunderesh, Justice M S Sonak, advocate general Devidas Pangam also spoke on the occasion.